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friends <—— visit ! Born in Indiana and having spent significant years in Chicago, I carry the heart and spirit of both places within me. At the tender age of 14, I discovered my passions for 3D modeling and sound engineering, dedicating countless hours to mastering both crafts, a dedication I maintain to this day. My knack for understanding the digital realm soon expanded to fixing electronic devices and crafting custom computers. This technical prowess led me into specialized sectors, and for three years, I worked hands-on in nuclear plants and oil refineries. Seeking new horizons, I relocated to Florida to venture into digital real estate. Though that partnership took an unexpected turn, it paved the way for my current project, 'Degen Reloaded.' Far from just a game, Degen Reloaded is a groundbreaking metaverse. This expansive digital universe, underpinned by the Ethereum blockchain, features NFTs and cryptocurrency integrations, expanding the boundaries of what's possible online. While Degen Reloaded is still under development, our team passionately participates in Web 3 venues. We aim to showcase the incredible talent of artists from around the globe while also highlighting our journey as pioneers in this innovative space. Now at 34, residing in the heart of San Diego, my journey has gifted me with a diverse network - from celebrated celebrities to everyday civilians, from cherished family-owned businesses to influential major companies. Each connection fuels my drive to innovate, ensuring that everything I touch is transformed for the better.