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Brian Strubhar




Business Coach/Strategist, Relationship Coach, Author, Speaker, Investor, Founder of Masterminds/Clubs, & Public Adjuster. Brand Ambassador with the New Owwll platform! Get paid for your expertise! Referral code: BRIAN Founder of the community! As a business coach/strategist, Brian can help you figure out: *how to from concept to cash flow *your pricing for the value *your true goal and a step by step plan *your business game plan  *the best platform for your business  *your social media strategy  *how to budget *time management  *how to increase your profitability  *how to reduce your time and increase your revenue  *how delegate properly  *how to get customers coming to you *how to integrate this app into your business for cash flow and efficiency  As a Relationship Coach, Brian can help you:  *increase your communication skills  *grow in intimacy with your partner  *find the tools and resources you need to get what you want from your relationships  *avoid a painful divorce 💔  *find true love ❤️  *with parenting difficulties  *figure out step family adjustments *understand what causes the constant fighting and friction  *have those tough conversations with your spouse/partner or any other person  As an Author, Brian has written numerous books, like:  The Ripple Effect Mindset  The Student Mindset  Recycling Failures to Power Success  True Emotional Nudity  Everlasting Love  Overcoming the fear of public speaking  Escaping Religion Prison  As a Speaker, Brian does:  Motivational Mindset Mapping Communication Workshops Relationship seminars ***Networking for profit*** "Understanding who you are and what you were created for" workshops!  As a Founder of Masterminds and Clubs... Brian hosts numerous clubs and Masterminds like: -Coaches/Consultants  -Attorneys/Legal  -Realtors/Property Investors -Business Owners/CEO's -Authors/Bloggers/Podcasters -Celebrities/Influencers  As a Public Adjuster, Brian is your advocate, and the expert in your corner when you have property damage, and need to go up against your insurance... would you trust your opposing attorney in a legal case? 🤔