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Founder and 🎙 podcast network producer of the all music podcast network - Pantheon - over 70 shows for music lovers! 🎸🤘🏻🥁🎹 History, conversations, reviews, interviews, stories and more 🎶 🎶 Have consulted or co-produced on 30+ podcast series and publish and distributed over 2000 episodes. 🎤 Sponsored by AKG 🎤 Home of the HD Podcast™️ “I’m very happy to see Pantheon delivering its music-centric podcasts in high res. That’s good for music! Like my own site, Neil Young Archives, Pantheon is in the forefront, delivering highest quality audio. Music sounds great in hi res! Thanks Pantheon Podcasts! You are changing music.” - NEIL YOUNG 🎸 Founder of Scripted Podcasters Club on CH 🏠 For those creating podcasts beyond interviews 🏆 Voting member of the Podcast Academy 🎙Podcast Mentor 🎧 Member of Alliance of Music Podcasters #1 Music Podcast Apple Podcasts 2018 Creating and producing white labelled podcasts for the world’s oldest and newest brands. Creator & Producer of ‘Versions of Joanna’ 💿 A benefit album for Oxfam America, featuring 21 artists from six countries covering the music of Joanna Newsom. Artists incl. Billy Bragg, M. Ward, Ben Sollee, Owen Pallett, Guy Buttery and more. 🧬 Just a human being trying to make it in a world that is rapidly losing it's understanding of being human 🌍 Over 30 years in tech from search and directory to product mgmt - Disney, Microsoft & more. [email protected]