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Sky Nelson-Isaacs




Developing a scientific and accessible model for synchronicity, meaning, purpose. Transform through a scientific understanding of manifestation which enables us to have healing conversations about privilege, racism, and climate justice. MS physics, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Holistic Time, research on “Spacetime Paths as a Whole” available in Quantum Reports. or Mondays in clubhouse, 7am Pacific. Quantum photonics Workshop: Wholeness, Synchronicity, and Flow, offered monthly, 🌪️Books: Leap to Wholeness: How the World is Programmed to Help Us Grow, Heal and Adapt (2021) Living in Flow: The Science of Synchronicity and How Your Choices Shape Your World. (2019) Author, physics educator, musician I research and teach Wholeness, from the physics of holograms to the discovery of purpose. How do we go from asking, “How do I create something out of nothing?”, which implies we start with nothing, to “How do I create something out of everything?” in order to live more in joy. Self-knowledge, healing by understanding our personal filters, seeing the lens that we are seeing through. Student of Satchidananda. Books I am reading: Caste, The Origins of Our Discontents, Isabel Wilkerson. The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead. Cosmological Koans, Anthony Aguirre. Something Deeply Hidden, Sean Carroll. The Order of Time, Carlo Rovelli Songwriter: Stand For Me album, released 2020, Spotify, Pandora Living in Flow Newsletter