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📰BREAKING NEWS... RON 💻was passed into law⚖️ effective immediately EVN (Emergency Video Notarization) as of July 8th until June 30th 2023 at 11:59 pm, and RON will be in full effect 12 am, July 1st 2023. In addition our notary fees have increased as well as for the first time ever we can charge travel fees. Please make sure you understand the lawful way of charging to stay in compliance and not to violate your commission in any way. TRAININGS ARE UNDERWAY FOR CONTINUAL EDUCATION FOR US NC NOTARIES. PLEASE FOLLOW MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AS I'M BUILDING UP MY TRANSITION TO DO MORE VIDEOS BECAUSE I'M MORE OF AN IN-PERSON OR OVER THE PHONE IN CONVERSATION PERSON, SO WORK WITH ME IN PATIENCE. If you are a new notary as of this year 2022, please watch the EVN training by Ozie Stallworth, the Secretary of State Director of the Notary Enforcement Division--> 💼Business Coach 📖Published Author 🗣Motivational Speaker 🎖Army Veteran ✒NC Loan Signing Agent Confident Trainer | Instructor  ✒Be About You Academy | Founder ✒Nonprofit Founder ✒Serial Entrepreneur @ncNotaryCoach ✒NC Notary Community on Facebook: ✒YouTube: ncNotaryCoach ✒NC Notary Clubhouse: ORDER YOUR STATE SPECIFIC NOTARY JOURNAL TODAY: 💰CashApp: $ncNotaryCoach ✒Yes, I do accept and appreciate your contributions when you find value in what I share on all social media platforms and you’d like to say thank you in your giving back way.  ✒I help notaries create a profitable business by thinking outside of the box! ✒Follow me on Instagram to be inspired by what a notary public can do! I became a commissioned Notary Public in 1998, a Certified Notary Loan Signing Agent in 2005, an Electronic Notary in 2008 and continue to be of service to my North Carolina community as well as anyone who is interested in building a profitable business. "Always be learning." "Be About Your Notary Business" I love ❤ people and helping others come naturally for me, so let's have a conversation. (984) 377-2694