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CEO @The Digital Economist. Fellow @MIT Connection Science. 🏛 Former Fellow @Harvard Center for International Development. Venture Partner 🚀 Building a human-centered future. Combining the physical and digital worlds. 🌎 Featured in NYSE and Forbes (5x). TEDx speaker. Host of the weekly The Digital Economist Speaker Series. 🔥 👉 Founder of THE DIGITAL ECONOMIST and MIT CONNECTION SCIENCE clubs on Clubhouse. Join us! Blockchain scholar and builder. “Top blockchain influencers” by Media Shower. Co-author of Blockchain Economics (first book on the economics of Blockchain). Co-authored the biggest online course on blockchain (~200,000 students): Hyperledger Blockchain for Business. 👉 TED talk: Want to Innovate? Here’s a Better Place to Start We are hiring! ✌️ Let’s build together! 💫 Find me on LinkedIn: Navroop Sahdev Feminist. Artist. Advocate of diversity and inclusion. Sustainability and responsible consumption. Personal Instagram 👉 @navroopsahdev