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Kris A.




✨✨✨👩🏾‍🦱 Co-Founder of Numbered Curls (natural hair and body care products)✨✨✨ 🗣Speaker/Distinguished Toastmaster 📣TEDx Speaker Coach 🌏 Producer of international virtual events 🎹 Keyboardist/Organist 🏡 Property Manager 👩🏾‍🍳 Previously a baker & food caterer (a forever foodie) 🕊 1920 💙🤍 • I unapologetically love God with all of my heart! • 📣Founder of the club: “Mane’taining My Natural Hair” (Tap the first black icon below to join ⬇️) 📣Founder of the club: “Entrepreneur Toastmasters” (Tap the 2nd club below to join ⬇️) ~ For lovers of natural hair and all things natural: ~ I’m a woman with a ❤️ for service and giving back. Let’s keep in touch! Member of The Morning Meetup (w/Dave Shands aka Dorito Dave) Want to become a member too? Click the link: Cash App: $KristineArchie 🏠 Inglewood, CA ⬇️Follow me on IG