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Natalie Charles




Hello. Thanks for stopping by. ‘Don’t be afraid to be brave.’ - James Simpson, ClubHouse 🎥 Actor - ACTRA/SAG-AFTRA LA based 🇺🇸 01B Work VISA! 📺 credits include 🎬SUITS 🎬Mary Kills People 🎬Sensitive Skin 🎬Kim’s Convenience Trinidadian born, Canadian raised and love both cultures. 🇹🇹🇨🇦 I’m sure my passion for the arts 🎭started as soon as I ‘popped out’. I parked myself in front of the television 📺 watching Diahann Carroll, Sydney Poitier, Rosalind Russell, Cary Grant. Television was my babysitter. I had so much energy the only thing that exhausted me was dance class. ☺️💃🏽🩰 My passion for the arts surpasses everything I do but doesn’t define me. ☺️ Dog mom 🐶 and a nature lover 🌹🌸💦☀️ When not on IMDB 🎬or binging on 📺 I’m back in the kitchen building my baking/cooking skills. 🍞🧑🏾‍🍳 One day I plan to have a cooking date with Stanley Tucci 🕴🇮🇹🍝 I am looking to expand my network professionally and personally. The borders of the globe are dissolving, time to expand. 🙏🏾☺️ 🎬 Agent, Invision Artist 🇺🇸 applied for 01-Visa 🇺🇸 Seeking US reps 🧚‍♀️strong interest in mediumship/clairvoyant IMDB-