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Community Builder/Connector/Community Host of Clubhouse/ Content Adviser|Entrepreneur|Producer|Schauspielerin/Actress|Superspreader of Kindness Web3/Nfts Enthusiast —One of the 1st german-speaking austrian indian Clubhouse User 🇮🇳🇩🇪🇦🇹 — 🎙—Honoured to have Hosted—: 1) ✳️The 3 Day 🎉Welcome Android Launch 🚀 India Event by Clubhouse HQ, the OFFICIAL Club of the Founders & Team. @paul (Paul Davison) @rohan (Rohan Seth) @anu (Anu Atluru) 2) ✳️The very 1st INDIAN FESTIVAL OF COLOUR “HOLI” on Clubhouse 3) ✳️The INDIA TOWNHALL 4) ✳️Diwali on Clubhouse 🪔 5) ✳️ADMIN & HOST of HOUSEWARMING (Clubhouse’s INTERNATIONAL Onboarding Club) with the amazing Hosts : @saeedaamina @rajesh.n @idnotinuse @sarahjones 6)✳️ Community Host of the CH Team 📧 For Interviews : [email protected] 📧 For Brand Collaborations : [email protected] 🕴🏻Law Student of University Vienna(Juridicum) DM’s open 📩 💁🏻‍♀️Founder of the India Club 🇮🇳 & Austria-Österreich Club 🇦🇹 My Dream: To be the indian MARVEL HERO 🦸🏻‍♀️ in the Marvel Movie 🍿 and one more thing: I choose to stay away from DRAMA