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Dr.Nate Salah




Lead with Love ❀ Entrepreneur | Scholar | Educator | Investor Expert in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Finance, Taxation, Vision Formation and Actualization. BSBA, MBA, Ph.D. (Leadership Studies) πŸ™Œ CEO, Salah Financial Corp ✊ Founder, Great Summit Leadership Institute 🧁 My LOVE is Leadership that SERVES the highest priority NEEDS of followers with the HUMILITY to continually recognize the vast contributions of those who SHARE in such a worthy PURPOSE. πŸ’₯ Part-Time Professor at Missouri Baptist University: - Introduction to Entrepreneurship - Organizational Behavior and Leadership 🧑 I have been a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years and love to share my frameworks on building strong, vibrant, and healthy organizational communities. LinkedIn @natesalah πŸš€ Host: A Call to Leadership Podcast πŸš€ πŸ™ My daily prayer is Thank You Lord for another day. I am still here so my work is not finished here yet. I love you and pray all that I do that is good points people to you! ❀ Passionate about - Servant and transformational leadership in family, community, faith, and small business enterprises. Life-Long Learner of all Things Vision Formation and Actualization. ❀ Enthusiastic about Thought Leadership, Empathy, Ambitious Curiosity, Meaningful Outcomes, Deeply Impactful Relationships, and Sharing in a Plight to Leaving Lasting Legacies of Opportunity and Abundance πŸ•Ί I put on my boogie shoes when I can learn from others and share my experiences in scholarship and practice. πŸ€“ I have taught undergraduate and graduate business, entrepreneurship, and leadership courses since 2009. LOVE IT. πŸ˜‡ My doctoral research is centered on icons of American entrepreneurship and how they think and act differently.