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Natalie Bohlen




🎙podcast host @hwhpod The Health, Wealth, & Happiness Podcast ✨live your best life✨ ⏰new episodes released every Monday @ 7:30 AM EST open your mind 🧠 and heart ♥️ through education and inspiration. join us on this journey to live your best life. let’s connect! DM or email 📧 if you would like to be a guest on our podcast, please reach out 🌈 [email protected] IG @hwhpod —————————————————— things that bring me health, wealth, & happiness: 🥑foodie @naturallycraving 🌎sustainable living 🪴plant mom 🧵fashion retail buyer 🧘🏻‍♀️yoga practitioner ✨dreamer 🎨creative mind 📷photo enthusiast 📱social media manager 🌳connection to nature ☕️morning brew 🛹land surfing ——————————————————- astrological things: cancer🌞 libra 🌝 capricorn ⬆️ she/her lead by example