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Naomi Soncag




Redeeming Eve is a broadcast that encompasses all my work, it is meant to inspire you and lift you from a place of unbelief to a place at the table with Jesus, weeping at His feet because of His awesomeness! I am first and foremost, a follower of Jesus Christ, aiming to fulfill Jesus’ two commands, love Him with all my heart, mind, body, and soul, and love my neighbor as myself. I am a mother, daughter, and Kingdom entrepreneur. I am intelligent, honest, trustworthy, compassionate, funny, optimistic, and inspiring! My current passion is helping girls and women realize their God-given potential. I’m an instructor of girls’ menstrual cycles, a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, breastfeeding counselor, and happily divorced lover of Jesus! While earning a degree in International Policy, I learned the valuable art of negotiation and conflict resolution, which are invaluable tools I’ve been able to pass on to women across the globe. Building a holy mindset around our bodies is something I love to teach girls and women. Why girls? Because girls 8 and up are inundated with media that tell them to dress and act a worldly way, not a Godly way. When we start early teaching girls to love and embrace the way God designed us, we will love ourselves and love God for making us, and then, more easily love others, fulfilling the greatest commandment! On my Redeeming Eve broadcast, I invite you to talk with me about ovaries, vaginas, cervixes, mental health, divorce, marriage, motherhood, abortion, and much more! This is a broadcast to engage you in healthy, Godly discussion on these topics. Redeeming Eve broadcast is on 1st Fridays of every month. The link is: Looking for a doula, childbirth educator, or IBCLC: Interested in Dreaming with God for Marriage and Motherhood consulting? Going through a divorce or recovering from divorce: