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Naomi Ina




*自己理解であなた色を一緒に見つける人 *自立を目指す女性の味方 *🇨🇦21年在住、長野県出身 *人一倍悩んだ経験を活かし、自分らしく生きたい人を応援します *皆が自分の強みを活かせる優しい世界を目指す *旅行好き(35カ国訪問)、料理、読書、ヨガ ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー * Live in Canada for 21 years. * Originally from Japan * Love to travel (Have visited 31 countries) * Love a piano, paintings, nature. * I am a foodie. * Interests: Yoga, Gardening, Cooking, Playing and listening to piano, Skiing, Reading. * Have lived in China as well * Worked in retail sales at little boutique store.