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Nancy Candea




💫Author 💫 Yoga Therapist who specializes in trauma, chronic pain and women’s issues in the second half of life 🎤Podcast Speaker 📒on Amazon—PRESENT: The Art of Living Boldly in the Second Half of Life 💫Links in my Instagram Bio ✨I help women in the second half of life to find self-acceptance, reconcile with their past and live wholeheartedly. 🔅 Freebies: check out links in my Instagram Bio🔅 ✨I passionately want more people to have access to skills of self-care. I want to help people deal with depression, addiction and pain in ways that truest heal. Self care is proactive and maybe a shift in how we prioritize our time and consumerism, but living with a brain that is free from destructive thinking, and a body that is strong and healthy is a treasure that money can´t buy. What is important: ✨We live from our core values ✨We let go of our fears and insecurities ✨We live in the present moment ✨We cherish our body ✨We embrace transitions ✨We transform depression and anxiety ✨We harness the power of our anger ✨We decide what forgiveness looks like ✨We reconcile with regret ✨We choose the second half journey ✨We confidently proclaim our path Check out my website for classes, live and online courses, private sessions. Links in my Instagram bio. Join: PRESENT Facebook Group for Women #wellness #midlife #mindfulness #aginggracefully