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You are what you eat. Yeasts Don’t Lie. I teach a TeGoNe bread and a DIY class. I’m a student at the Open University of Japan. I’m Mana Watanabe. Call me Mana_san. I’m enjoying retired life. I’m back in college starting SDG’s in Open University of Japan. I’m also learning English on the NHK program and at Aya’s English Club(@acupofgreentea) on Clubhouse. Have a good summer with Clubmates. 放送大学生 生涯学習 クラハ生涯学習クラブ 双頭蓮 吉兆の兆し パン教室で教えてます。 Yeasts Don’t Lie. イースト菌ウソつかない。 ©️20210615 20210810