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Nalin Nandrajog




10 year + real estate veteran in Toronto, Canada Life goals: To motivate anyone of their true potential To find inner peace and to exemplify unconditional love to the world Interests: Reading books Basketball - let’s go Raptors!!! Golf - the Indian tiger woods Self improvement - constant battle Investments - stocks/equities, crypto, self, real estate, people Board member of non profit organization in India - empowering women and children in education and health - All and any donations help to provide scholarships to young women in post secondary education!!! Providing better healthcare to underprivileged people in India (Ferozpur,Punjab) Really suck at my social media so either help me, be patient, or turn the other cheek :) Quotes I live by: Work purifies the heart and so leads to wisdom Choose the highest idea and live your life up to that The greatest sin is to think yourself weak What is God - Truth and Love Only those who want nothing are masters of nature He/She who struggles is better then he/she who never attempts Never loose faith in yourself, you can do anything in this universe!!! DM me - let’s connect!