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💵 LITERARY AGENT 🏆USA TODAY and ESSENCE® International Bestselling Author of 37 books 🗣 The Book Whisperer 👀 As Seen on ABC News Nightline 📚New York Times Bestseller Contributor - Simon & Schuster #1 Amazon International Bestseller 🎈AMAZON INFLUENCER ⏰ 23 Years in the Literary Industry ✍🏼 Developmental Editor 📚 Ghostwriter Literary Agent 🔥One of the sexiest voices on Clubhouse🔥 🌟Clubhouse SuperMod🌟 . 📕 DM on Instagram for a link to 200 FREE EBOOKS. 📚 DM on Instagram for a link to my free events . 🔝This is what I do: I write national bestsellers and help others create their own . 💫Start with a 15 minute consultation to put you on the path to writing your book. The scheduling link is in my IG Bio.💫 . 🔥 AALBC's Top 100 Author 💎 CVS Hall of Fame 🥇 Mercedes Benz Mentor Award Nominee .♥️🖤 (Name is Pronounced Na-LAY-Nah) . SociaTap: . CLUBS ON CLUBHOUSE: 🏡 Cavalcade of Authors . 🖥 intentions on Clubhouse: networking, connect with readers, aspiring authors, and movie producers . 📩 [email protected] @Naleighnakai on IG, Twitter, Threads, BookBub, Good Reads, Amazon @Naleighnak on FB