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Nachi Das




🇯🇵FestaGW2021 Democratizing Finance, Wellness, Fermentation 発酵, Ayurveda, Zen Co-Curator JAPAN CLUB, 日本|世界 Building Platforms|Communities, Security, EdTech|Skill, Food|Farming   Ⓜ️🏦Building India’s first AI based Alternative bank for underbanked (Ant Financial/Nubank for India) 📌Financial Inclusion📌DeFi*Blockchain📌Credit*InvestingVC*PE*Insurance   ⛑ Creating personalized wellness platform ⚕️Personalized Wellnessウェルネス , Zen, Yoga, Mental Health, Gut-Mind, Mindfulness, Optimize Performance 🤝 Preventative, Community – Support Groups - Moai 模合,Blue Zone regions, Access to Health, Pharmacy, Medtech   📲Technology: Data, VR, AI, Heath Devices, Animation 🔐 Building Cybersecurity Firm. Privacy, Security, Identity   🍑Gastronome美食家 🍣Love Japanese cuisine, Food for Health, Education 🧫 Fermentation (Japan ++), Amazake, Probiotics, LAB, Microbiome 🍶Sake, Wines 🧑‍🍳Reimagine farming, restaurants   🌸Society 10.0 – Regenerative + Innovative Living, Real Estate, Nature+Tech Spaces, Gardens + Urban 💧Rejuvenate ESG goals, Restore Nature, 📌Empower individuals, maximize individual potential 📌EdTech: Skillup 🤝community apprenticeship   🎷Co-founded live music venue in New York. 🖼Collect Japanese art and craft 📍Promote Japanese artists, architects, musicians in New York. 📍Empower artists. 📍Preserve cultural heritage + contemporary expression   📲 Serial Entrepreneur. Investor. Innovator. Futurist   📌 Harness ancient wisdom with contemporary technology📌 Big system thinking   📌 Former Wall Street Managing Director - Capital Markets, Risk & Portfolio Management, Investment, Advisory   🇺🇸American (New York), 🇯🇵Japanese Spirit (Tokyo Based), 🇮🇳Indian origin DMs OPEN ⬇️