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Myra Lee




Proud origins in Penang, Malaysia šŸ‡²šŸ‡¾ Based in Kualalala Lumpur PA by Day, Artist by Night ā€¢ Vocal Demos ā€¢ Voiceovers ā€¢ Live Performance ā€¢ Branding ā€¢ Graphic Design ā€¢ Illustration ā€¢ Personal Assistant ā€¢ Admin 3yrs Full Time Live Performer (Unplugged Acoustic & Full Band) 5yrs Part Time in Branding, Graphic Work, Illustrative Commissions, & Marketing Personal Assistant / Admin Music Genres: Funk, Indie, Neo-Soul, RnB, Musical Theatre, Pop, & Classic Jazz Interested In: Handicraft, Sewing, Carpentry, Reading, General History, Philosophy, the Arts as a whole (Music, Film, Literature, Visual Art, Fashion, & Crafts) Languages: English, Mandarin, Bahasa, Hokkien, & often scolded in Hainanese Good at tasting, meh at cooking (a food connoisseur family = spoiled glutton) The handyman of the house (life tips very welcome) Sewing to diminish fast-fashion (sewing skill : beginner-level) Hit me up! I'm happy to discuss almost anything under the sun!