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Jason Myers




Founder of DAO Dynasty and CoFounder of the DAO of Sheeple and Angel Collective DAO - checkout our Black Sheep Renegade NFT Collection. Text CLUBJASON to 5616772875 to connect for entrepreneurial info to help you scale business, wealth, and lifestyle. Speaking of lifestyle, I’m a photographer of exotic cars and lifestyle. Travel the world to car, yacht, jet, and wine events and visually document the lifestyle. Recently jumped into the deep end of NFT realm. My Twitter link is where to connect about that. I’m often called a Business Ninja with a Swiss Army Knife 🎯 Business Scaler from zero to 10 figures (yes, into the billions) of growth using my BTS Process... ⛓I am the missing link between Visionaries and Integrators. 📈 Current: 🦍Chairman, Guerrilla Marketing Global - Over 50 books + online training 🗂Private Equity Firm Cofounder/Investor/portfolio manager 🤝Founder Independent Sponsor Association ♟Strategic Advisor/Equity Partner - multiple SaaS companies Back Story: First business at 16, Second before 20. First Internet Business 1997. First SaaS exit 2009. 💵$50++ million sold on Amazon before 2009. Another 8 figures since. 📈Inc. 500 Founder/CEO 🎯Fortune 50 Hired Gun Operations/Sales Ninja/M&A(mergers/acquisitions) 💰Multiple Exits to public and private companies. 📓25 years of acquisitions, investments, and merger deals. Currently working on: Building a public company SaaS rollup. Looking for SaaS/B2B deals. Converting my catalog of exotic car art to NFTs. Connect on Instagram or here: