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Mmj medical refugee. FL->MA->ישראל Writer and patient advocate. Dabble in media / photography ————————————————— “My Body My Meds” * Next leg- Nyc->Israel Working on a book / film about the struggle and upcoming journey to wellness. - Western medicine is not enough. Looking to heal and share my story using all modalities around the world. Seeking true healing. I’m here to learn listen and network. Feel best when I hang out with others who have the right vibe. I don’t necessarily support or suffer from issues in all rooms I listen in on. Ig- @mybodymymeds 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇩🇪🇮🇳🇦🇮🇳🇿🇳🇨🇹🇭 ———————————————— Fmr state and fed lobbyist- patient access 🌱 Fmr Cannabis magazine writer Entheogen medicine advocate 🌱 🌵 🍄 Reflexology, Thai pressure points massage Writer, designer, and photography Forever student with eclectic interests, skills and experiences that are merging. קמרא אובסקורה מדיסין חשיפה חוזרת הביתה בסוכות ———————————————— - coming soon ——————————————— Find me on LinkedIn to connect Founder of Plant Medicine house- launching soon. 💪🌱💚 עם ישראל חי ביחד