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Monica Breaux




Hello Everyone my name is Monica Breaux and I live in Lake Tahoe in the state of Nevada, USA🇺🇸 I have worked internationally and domestically. I specialize in keeping wealth in the family for generations. I have built a world class faculty with the best of the best in their respective industries. I have an international networking group where we promote education and empower women both personally and in business. My company serves everyone!😎 Many of our clients are high net worth individuals with complex estate plans. We partner with the Attorneys and CPAs to provide the best protection for the clients wealth. We are here to protect your life’s work and provide peace of mind for your legacy. On a personal note I love life, outdoors and I am a glamma! That’s right a grandma who still is in her prime!! I can dance all night and I love to explore the world! Let’s get LinkedIn!