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Mariya Vasileva




Machine learning / AI scientist. Recent PhD grad. AI & equity, explainability and fairness, all things computer vision x representation learning x human cognition. Currently institutionalized @ Amazon. Women in Machine Learning 2021 Workshop general chair. According to my thesis, an “expert” on computer vision applications in fashion. Passionate about DEI in industry and academia, grad school and mental health. 💡 Founder of All Things Academia. Join us! 🎓 UIUC (PhD CS), Caltech ⚠️ views my own. proceed with caution. 🇧🇬 (she / her) 📍 LA Research “comfort zones”: ▫️Deep learning, weakly-supervised and self-supervised learning ▫️Generative models ▫️Interpretability of black-box models ▫️Embedding methods, visual search and retrieval ▫️Causal inference ▫️Representation learning, zero- and few-shot learning, fairness