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Adonis Muganuzi




I love God and serve him with my family 💦💦💦Working to provide Clean water to refugees and people in the Rural communities in South-Western Uganda. Member of CFC" The Common Futures Conversions" Covid-19 response in the refugee areas. ❤️ Is what you believe and what you trust. Owner of Uganda Humanitarian Crisis Club at Club House 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️Looking for support for my project of Micro Agro-Food Processing & Regenerative Agriculture in Baraka, DRC. ✍️✍️✍️✍️My book now in proof read and appreciations as titled: My Mistakes, (about entrepreneurship) looking for your support to publish it. 🏛️Founder and Executive Director of YAREN Organisation 🎐Looking to rebuild the Resilience of Refugees women and youth, fighting for Refugees young girls early marriage. Child for the quality education in Uganda ✊Co-Founder of SAUTI YANGU in DRC. 💓Global Goodwill Ambassador 🌐Global Partner at Above the Standard. 🏝️ Private and independent consultant 🌍We stand for the UN SDGs YAREN now, 2023-2025 working on the following projects:  1. WASH;  2. General Health;  3. Humanitarian Aid or Emergency response;  4. Livelihoods and women empowerment. This is my organization's Facebook page This is my documentary on water under designing #support. My whatsapp number is here: +256789957476 By clicking on this link you will directly donate to YAREN's training centre construction in a refugee from Nakivale Refugee settlement, thank you for your kind support I am looking for connections and professionals advices to help to build my organization I speak: 🇨🇩French 🇹🇿 Swahili 🇺🇬 English [email protected] [email protected]