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#StopAsianHate #NormalizeMentalHealth 🌕 Public Service Announcement: ❤️ Treat your audio as public data. ☀️ Raise Awareness on Data Security Flaws on Clubhouse: 🍃 About 👩🏻‍💻 Community Builder Software Engineer Educator Writer & Poet —- Director, Strategy & Curriculum Design at We’re Hiring! - curriculum developers - trainers If you want to learn about how to donate/upcycle technical equipment or work with our asset recovery team to support us, DM me! —- 💡 Projects Building a community of edutainers Sewing sustainable scrunchies, but with a twist Writing poetry and a series of mini stories ❤️ Clubhouse Preferences Small Fun Rooms, Creative Chats Connecting IRL Tech, Education, Language practice Being off Clubhouse ☺️ 🔗 Links —- Digital Security Resources:, I support other Yins: Think!, 🎙Languages Spoken: English, 中文, Français, Italiano, Espanol