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Moji Solar-Wilson




🏳️‍🌈 She /Her Authenticity is my superpower🔥 🏠Real Estate Broker & Investor with over 20 years of experience including mentoring and coaching realtors - specializing in supporting home buyers and sellers in minority status groups. 🏳️‍🌈CEO & Co-founder of African LGBTQ INC (Not for profit organization). In 2018, my wife, Dr. Margaret Solar-Wilson and I founded African LGBTQ Inc to educationally empower young African LGBTQ adults who live in countries that criminalize homosexuality. Co-Founder of Solar-Wilson Guardian Angel Scholarship Program. Founded by my wife Margaret and I, to support Nigerian Students with financial challenges in Universities. 🏡🏠Co-Founder of Solar-Wilson Village – an inclusive space that supports short-term vacation rentals, event hosting and also serves as a temporary refuge / sanctuary for vulnerable LGBTQ adults. Solar-Wilson Village has an African theme and is located on a 40 acre ranch in Texas. As a married Nigerian lesbian couple, from Nigeria where homophobia is sanctioned and same-gender marriage is criminalized with a penalty of 14 years in jail, our mission is to create a space where all people, regardless of race, sexuality, religion or ethnicity, can experience a ‘Taste of Africa in the heart of Texas’. 🏆 SuperHost on Airbnb and Premier Host on VRBO Certified life Coach; Speaker & Social commentator, Certified Diversity & Inclusion Specialist. 🏳️‍🌈Interests: Jewelry and handbag design, cooking, home renovation, reading, cooking and TRAVELING: Listen to our Podcast, The Solar- Wilson Conversation 👇🏼 Afrocentric Accessories designer. Founder (Clubs on CH):👇🏼 Authentic Transformation Club LGBTQ Sanctuary Club