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Dominique Stapleton




NBA & FIBA Sports Agent | 💸 Athlete Financial Literacy Educator | 🎤 Host of Message in the Music Podcast | 🇹🇹 Trini Gyal | D(M)V raised | Bowie State University Alum 🐶 ✨ Financial Literacy for students athletes is my passion. Currently working on getting a program into high schools and colleges that teaches the fundamentals of personal finance. 🗣Athletic Directors, Principals, Counselors, Coaches, let’s connect and build upon this [email protected] ✨🗣 Podcasters & journalist need a dope guest, or interesting story? look no further. I enjoy speaking on my journey, financial literacy, the agent life, breaking barriers, graduating college debt free etc etc. Email [email protected] with the details and let’s make it happen. ✨Featured in Sports Agent Blog, He Is Magazine, The Black Maverick Blog, Thoughts Pending Podcast, Stuck In The Middle Podcast, & much more