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Sandra Brown




Daughter of Zion | Entrepreneurial Spirit | Life w/o Logic is Chaos Northern Born * Blatina Honduran 🇭🇳 4 life * Southern reared 🏖clear waters are my weakness Let's chat - no topic is off-limits Interests: 🍷Fermented Grapes 🧘🏾Student of Yoga 🎙Podcast Host - 21 Questions wine and more 👩🏾‍💻Provides virtual logistical and administrative support to clients in building an empire 🌱Plant Mom 🍗🧆🍕🌮🍔Food lover ✈️🚗🌆🚲🚕Traveler on a budget 💵💸💳🧐Wealth builder Proud Scorpio woman | Single but looking She/Her/Hers Is it possible to have too many interests? 🤷🏾‍♀️ Feel Free to tap in! My DMs are open🤳🏾 Instagram: