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🇺🇸 If you know you know! 19***Everyday***J check me out on all platforms! 📢📢 💿🎹🎤🎧 • Singer🎵🎶 • Songwriter🎶🎵 • Author ✍️ • Activist ✊🏾 • Co-Host of Revealed: The History Behind Black American Music History • Host of “Black Table Conversations with Ms. Gizile”🎧🎙🎤 ****I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR ANYONE OR ANYTHING ON CLUB HOUSE TO RECORD ME AT ANYTIME. IF SOMEONE OR SOMETHING RECORDS ME AGAINST MY WILL, THE SAID PERSON, ENTITY, OR THING MAYBE SUED WITHOUT THE ABILITY TO DISPUTE MY DEMANDS IN COURT OR OTHERWISE, AND THEY ACCEPT ANY AMOUNT I SEE APPROPRIATE FOR COMPENSATION OF SUCH ACTS****