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Ms Ebony Empress




NO Cryto Bitcoin 🗣💎 🗣💎 Resilience Coach for dynamic leaders 💣 Excellent, Confident Communicator ❇️ Moderator @Daily Gratitude 3pm on Sundays BST/ Monday 4.30pm BST @Sustainability Leadership Thursday 5am BST 🎁 Resilience Coach with over 20 years experience supporting and developing aspiring leaders Marathon runner 🏃‍♀️ 👩‍💻 Trainer and Public Speaker ✴️ Director Phenomenal African Women 🏆Business Online Talk Show of the year 2014 by the EBR Awards. Ebony Empress is based in London. 🔴 Favourite quotes: ‘Once the mind is made up half the battle is won’ – Martin Luther Rodney 🔴 You can't make a cat bark 🗣💎