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Misty Campbell




Misty has been an advocate for Caregivers for over 20 years. She knows firsthand the struggles of caregiving as she cared for her son Tairay who has cerebral palsy. Misty has chosen to speak out on her experience with caregiving because she understands all too well that there are so many other parents and caregivers who need to hear and see that you can be happy while caregiving. Even though caregiving takes a lot out of you, with the right support, caregiving can be rewarding. Misty is eager to share her knowledge, experiences and expertise with others to be an example that parents, caregivers, medical and educational professionals can all work together for the greater good of the patient and the caregiver to create Fearless Advocates. Her passion for caregivers comes through in her speaking engagements, as well as her coaching and consulting. Please go or follow on Instagram @ Campbellgyrlmedia