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Ms Charlene Savoré




✊🏾 👊🏾 💪🏾 🙏🏾 Sound Journey Conductor 🪔 Healing Arts Facilitator ☀️ Data Storyteller 📊 Health & Wellness Coach 🫀NBC-HWC Certified 💫 Entrepreneur 💪🏾 💡My purpose: help others, learn lessons, have as much fun as possible while I’m here.💡 ☕️Me: family, food, movies, biking, adventures, knowledge-seeker☕️ 💞Passions: wellness and data💕 ************************************** 💡Wellness is for EVERYONE!💡 I help people manage their stress: * Stress coaching for immediate stressors such as health, nutrition, relationships, workplace, finances, situational. * Change your overall stress response with mindfulness practices that work for you. * Visual remapping and hypnosis to reconstruct your mindset and change limiting beliefs and habits. * Address your inner-critic so you can step into your true calling. * Sound journeys for relaxation and release. * I work with individuals, groups, couples, and companies. ************************************** 📈Make your story, data informed📉 I use data to tell stories about: * Performance * Opportunities * Reconciliation * Impact of Policy Change 🤳🏾DM me to discuss how we can work on wellness or data together. 💆🏾‍♂️