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Aminah Anthony, CLC, CMHC




Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Life Coach Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Student) Marriage, Family & Relationship Counseling (Student) Trauma & Crisis Counseling (Student) Survivor πŸ’œ Life coaching is a partnership between coach and client that is designed to guide the client from where they are currently to where they want to be. As a skilled coach and Student Therapist (Masters in Clinical Mental Health; Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling, and Trauma and Crisis Counseling), I help clients identify the root cause their problems and help create change from the inside out. I enable my clients to create a mindset of possibilities where obstacles and roadblocks become necessary steps toward the achievement of goals, instead of stop signs. I provide my clients with an opportunity to recall the big picture and connect with goals while becoming more mindful of the internal resources they already have. Furthermore; I help clients live deliberately and with intention, move past self-limiting beliefs, and create a new reality for themselves. I bring a profound perspective to her clients, as a direct result of this alliance. My clients will experience many benefits in the coaching process, including: * Higher degree of self esteem * Increased self-confidence * Improved consistency and momentum * Greater clarity and focus in their true priorities and values * The ability to balance multiple areas of their lives * The production of rapid results