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Founder/CEO/Creative Director Pashco Gaming 🧮"Gaming In Every Color" 🤹Building games for all ages in every demographic. 🏆Goal: 5/5/50, Building 5 Games in 5 Years that Rank in the Top 50 is something many think is impossible. I've also heard that creating an original idea in an oversaturated market is impossible as well. But, we've got 19 of them, with 43 original games, and what people call impossible, we call another Tuesday. I realize people have a hard time with the "extraordinary." They'd rather think we're ignorant, haven't done the research, or we're lying about it all. To be honest, I'd think the same thing every time a person approaches me, looking over their shoulder like the world's been waiting to steal their "billion dollar brilliant idea". 95% of the time the idea has been done, and 5% are partially bad ideas that mom generously called brilliant. Add in the fact that the top gaming companies with the brightest minds in gaming can't come up with 2 original game ideas. Then, yeah, it's kinda hard to believe. I could tell you that half my team says I'm a savant, and the others a creative genius, but those aren't words I'd ask anyone to trust. What about trusting common sense? 📈 Having developers like, Triple2 Digital, whose clients are Intel, Nokia, Coke, Netflix, Toyota, Air France, Pop-Social, e, Anthony Diprizio says, "Paul's creativity is infectious & skills are unmatched as he creates in days what teams do in months". Life experiences have made the founders of Pashco the amazing people we are today. Without them, we wouldn't be able to overcome the challenges that life throws our way. I am a national pole-vault champion, started an inner-city YMCA program called "Beat the Streets" that's now a nation-wide program in its 27th year. Accomplished speaker, fluent in multiple languages, and world traveler. I've been to the top of my field, and I've lost it all to where I was sleeping on the streets. Something in life had happened that I was powerless to prevent, or so I thought. I had lost everything for doing the right thing, and that can be a hard pill to swallow. But, you can swallow it, let go of it, and don't let the bitterness ruin your life. Letting go of what seems impossible, opens up your world to do anything possible. Now, I'm a former pastor that's building world class video games, and I don't even play videogames. If I can help you to let go of something that's holding you back, please reach out and let's connect!