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🕊💜☔️🕊 DON’T DIE WITHOUT KNOWING THE CROSS✝️ In YOUR Gracious Name. 💎⚪️💎⚪️💎⚪️💎⚪️💎⚪️💎⚪️💎⚪️ Dear Jesus, save us from temptation. Dear Jesus, save us from hell. Save us from the madness that threatens us all. ⛪️🛐 If you ask God to love you longer Every breath you take will make you stronger. Keeping you happy and proud to call His name: JESUS 🕯When the light of God Is the only thing in life that will redeem ⚡️ 🏰🕊📖❤️‍🔥 יֵשׁוּעַ ☦️Deliverance Love God. Love Life. ♂And God created woman ♀ 𓂀 The Exodus has begun…☥ 💰CashApp: $MrOshun 💵