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Joshua Monge




Strategic SEO Consultant : SEO Audit, Consulting, Training Economic Development Professional Fractional COO ♣️🏠: Free SEO help - Tues 8am PST | SEO Fundamentals by the Marketing Club SEO news and Chat w/Hilary Quinn - Thus 10:30am PST | Web and SEO club Your business need SEO help? The basics of SEO: From Los Angeles, CA now living in Tulsa, OK Making complex processes simple and actionable. Seasoned leader of complex collaborations. Critical Thinker. Strategic Doer. Over 20 years of professional experience. Fractional COO: Helping businesses from $500k to $10mil as a part time COO. Strategic Doing, Operational Planning/Process Development, HR, Vendor Management, Government Relations, and Marketing disciplines. SEO Consultant: Teaching Marketing Directors to in-house their SEO efforts through SEO Audits, Data and Analysis, Processes Development, research and more. Helping mid sized Businesses and Enterprise level clients get the data, strategy, and action in alignment. Also work with Marketing & Web Agencies through White Label services. Free 15 minute consultation: My Passions: Urban and Environmental Economics and Development - Interested in Permaculture - Product Life Cycles - Process Improvement - Data and Analysis - Economic Tradeoffs - Urban Gardening - Resilient Communities Other Things: - Home Chef in training - Married to an Academic - Wrangler of 2 Teenagers - Pokémon Go Trainer Code: 9082 5953 8924