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Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach ☕️ Business Owner EDM DJ/ Producer ::: Bauzer 🎧 Authoring: “Dancing With Devils” - Transformation from addictive behaviors 📚 BreatheHuman movement - finding and sharing a tories of Humans finding Triumph through Tragedy 🎭 DM 📩 -> iG Small business Executive: $0.00 -> 2 million in revenue💰💰💰 Online Course Creator: I created BreatheHuman courses and resources to crack open your mind to your life’s purpose and light the fire to move you into action. Through coaching and guided activities, we’ll find out where you are today, fully facing your energy vampires and replacing them with positive archons that breathe life into you. We’ll find your internal compass that points towards your life’s purpose and create a blueprint for building your specific version of success. And we’ll create a habit of consistent action with the ongoing support of a powerful online community, reading materials, podcasts, music, meditations, and lectures. When you BreatheHuman, you’ll rediscover what you’re on Earth to do, find the fire to chase your dream-life, and offer value to the world that you—and only you—can give.