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Jacquelin Taylor




📚Editor 📝📢Writing Coach 📝Writer 💑 Missionary Wife 🦋💜Lupus Warrior 🎮🎲💻Avid gamer 👩‍🎓AA in English 👩‍🎓AA in Arts and Mountie G on Twitch Owner of Mountain Girl Editing and Coaching I will help you get over the mountains called writer's block, brain fog and indecision. I want to help people who are neurodivergent, chronically ill or have a problem with self-sabotage get their stories out into the world. I want to show them that they can be the writer that they dream to be and that society doesn't dictate who they are. I use my own technique for helping people which I have called "heat" which means: ⭐Honesty ⭐Encouragement ⭐Acknowledgement ⭐Transparency Founding Member of the Lady Hustler Society Club. 🖤 🇺🇸