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Dominick Domasky




📚Publisher 🎥Storyteller 🚀 Founder of the inspiration sharing & publishing platform Motivation Champs. Motivation Champs shares inspiration, smiles😊, and positivity 24/7 and helps others do the same. This mission is accomplished by helping authors accomplish their dreams, publish their books, and share their stories. Our work continues through screenwriting, a large social media footprint, content development, in person events, and work with nonprofits. Here’s a few of my books, but more importantly we’ve helped hundreds publish theirs. Go Ask Your Dad, How to Write a Book in 2020, The Journey of a Grunt, and My Name is Sharon, about Alzheimer’s, guilt, and unconditional love. Cohost of Bikes & Hikes, airing on Armstrong Channels and YouTube. Clubhouse Rooms Mondays at 2:00 P.M. Est. - 📣Sharing Inspiration on Clubhouse Wednesday’s at 9:30 A.M. Est. 📣Clubhouse, Podcasting, Publishing, and Social Media It’s time to share your story, your story can make a difference!