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Lauren McElroy




🧶Knitwear Designer|Multidisciplinary Fiber Artist| Yarn Spinner | Content Creator🧶 🐚Founder of Mother of Purl ✨ Unique Knitting Patterns, Handspun Yarn and Hand Crafted Spinning Fiber to Inspire your Creativity. I Create Wearable Works of Art Using Local and Sustainable Fibers✨ 🧵Published in Vogue Knitting 🧵Published in Interweave Knits 🧵Published Artist and knitwear Designer 🧵Instructor and Public Speaker Let’s talk about Rural life & Regenerative Agriculture👩🏽‍🌾 Herbalism 🌿 Wool & Fibersheds 🐑 1312 🏴 Fiber Art🧺 Traditional skills 🪡 Chess ♟ Influencer Marketing 🌈 Yarn , Knitting and Spinning, fabric and textiles 🧶 $laurentmc 💰 @motherofpurll - tiktok 🎥 (79k) Let’s work Together 👇🏽 🕸 📧 [email protected] 🏳️‍🌈(they / them)