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🇺🇸 Thirty seven years exprience as Systems Analyst, Data Analyst and Lead Production Analyst working in oil, transportation, telecommunication and health industries. I love & live nature & outdoors. My name is Taken after JoeThePlummer who protested against Obama, thus, I joined this cause as it belongs to all hardworking Americans. I detest what Democrat Party of USA has done to USA, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria & Ukraine. SHAME on Obama for destroying tens of thousands of tons of Ukrainians' weapons in 2005, shortly after he became Senator and SHAME on Obama & Biden for being the financiers of the TERROR regime in Iran! Justice has not been served for the killer of Neda Agha-Soltan, my Iranian Neda, and for the murderer(Michael Byrd), of Ashley Babbitt, my American Neda😪 با اقوام شریف ایران چون کورد و لر و بلوچ و آذری و فارس و و و، همدردی و همراهی کنیم. این وحدت، لازمه ضروری برای آزادی از چنگال رژیم کهریزکیست. قتل زهرا کاظمی توسط جمهوری کهریزکی را نه فراموش میکنم و نه میبخشم. آزادی ارژنگ داودی آرزوست🤞 I will neither forget nor forgive the murder in custody of Zahra Kazemi, the Canadian-Iranian photojournalist, by Iran's regime. Free Arzhang Davoodi, the Prisoner of Conscience from Iran's prison.