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Moby Sugar




❤️Passions… •Love, Life & Relationships. I host a talk show on IG/FB Live - “Moby Sugar’s Croonings”. •Mental Health •Food. •Fertility & Infertility •Jesus lover, not the kind you’re used to 🤪 Mega weird. Enigma. ❤️❤️Lover… Humanity Lover. Music Lover. Nature Lover. 🥰 I’m a lover. 🍱🥐I LOVE FOOD!!! Did I say that already?😋 Naija Small Chops/Pastries. @mosbentobox Here to connect 💃🏼😘 Here to converse when I can 😋 Here to listen & learn… 📌 DTX 🇯🇵🇳🇬🇺🇸