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Morten Westerheim




🏕Outdoors ⚽️Coaching 📚Reading 🌳Growth Mindset💪🏼Human behavior 🧠Mental Training 🌱Thrivability 🦾Human/Tech interface 🌿 Sustainability 🧠Raising awareness about whats important to YOU, in the midst of everything and everyone that is battling for your attention. Getting to know your own consciousness is key, it can also be quite scary, but hang in there because it will revolutionize how you look at yourself and your surroundings. 🌳 According to 3/4 of biz, Sustainability is the focus area for getting back on track in 2021, I got the tool you are looking for to raise the awareness about, and manage your sustainability goals. “How you tell your story to yourself, defines how you move towards your goals and dreams” 🇳🇴Stokke, 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Sustainability consultants PMT Mental Trainer/Coach [email protected]