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Morgan J Ingram




3x LinkedIn Top Sales Voice šŸ’µ. Featured in Forbes, Hubspot Blog, Harvard Business Review and Sales Hacker. šŸ—ž Impacting Sales Reps To Prospect Through The Noise šŸ“ˆ Notable Clients: Salesforce, Google, Snowflake, TIBCO and MINDBODY šŸ“Š WHAT I DO: - I post daily content on LinkedIn about sales, sales development, mindset, career development and prospecting best practices - Train sales reps more specifically SDRs/BDRs and AEs reps on how to break through the noise with innovative sales and prospecting strategies - Evolving our content at JB Sales Training to stay current in the modern sales world - I'm the Host of Muffins w/Morgan a weekly Q&A for sales reps on Twitch. (Follow me here āž”ļø @morganjingram) CORE VALUES FOR SUCCESS: šŸ™šŸ¾ 1. Always seek feedback/guidance 2. Grow 1% everyday 3. Be willing to pivot 4. Ask the Hard Questions 5. Work hard based on the goals you have When Iā€™m not executing, I love watching sports, playing video games šŸŽ®, watching movies and reading books. šŸ“– Born and raised ATL Where to connect: LinkedIn šŸ‘‰ Podcast: šŸ‘‰ 1UP Formula with Morgan J Ingram DM me on Instagram to chat about your favorite games ā¬‡ļø