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Monique Brown




✨My name is Monique Brown and I am a Customer Experience Strategist Coach. I teach entrepreneurs/small businesses how to provide their clients with an amazing customer experience so that they can keep clients happy, engaged, giving great reviews and purchasing from them over and over. People respond differently based on how you make them feel. My motto is "Treat people the way that you want to be treated because karma is powerful." 💫 🌟No matter what industry you are in, providing your clients with an Exceptional Customer Experience✨ is the only way that your company will see high profit!!! 🌟 🌟No matter what you sale, whether it is a service or product, if your client doesn't feel appreciated, supported, connected to, or heard, they will find another business to spend their money with that will give them everything that they need. 🌟 🤷🏾‍♀️ Do you need a Simple Retention Strategy that is personalized and catered just for your business ? 👇🏾 ✅ I offer a ✨Complimentary Client Retention Clarity Session✨ so that we can assess your business needs and set up your future Retention Strategy to implement in your daily operations so that we can get your profits and revenue to go through the roof! 📈 👉🏾 🤷🏾‍♀️ Do you need Retention Customer Experience Tips to use in your business so that you can easily Retain (keep) Your Clients?👇🏾 ✅ Every week on my Facebook Business Page Monique Brown Coach Strategist Coach, I give helpful, valuable tips on how to Retain Your Most Valuable Assets which are your clients. ✅ Every week on Wednesdays at 7pm EST, I have a Facebook LIVE session where I collaborate with my fellow Entrepreneur/Small Business Owners from different industries to demonstrate how important Customer Service and Customer Experience is, no matter how what service or product that you offer. 👉🏾 Facebook Page Monique Brown Customer Experience Strategist ✨ So, no matter what kind of Retention Strategy you need, I have you covered!!! Monique Brown 💖 Customer Experience Strategist Coach