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Monika Zands




✳️ CEO/Founder of The Mindset Academy building 6-7 figure businesses 📲DM me “PROFIT” on IG to get a free guide to rewrite your MONEY STORY 🌐 🌀 Near Death Survivor catapulted into my life’s calling Training people 2 wake up to theirs You are one SHIFT away from getting unstuck and being unstoppable. 🎓 MA in Spiritual Psychology 👩🏼‍🏫 UCLA 🇧🇪 First Generation American 🏊🏻‍♀️ Triathlete 🤱🏼 3X Mom 👰🏼‍♀️ Married X20 ______________________________________ ✅ FEATURED GUEST ON: HALLMARK, NBC, CBS, KTLA ✅ Master Coach. I help people overcome and transform the obstacles and limitations that have stopped/limited them.   ✅ Train the Trainer. I train people to be high performance business, life or relationship coaches or to design and deliver transformational online group coaching programs. ✳️ Dynamic Moderator on CH 📲DM me to discuss moderating for your rooms ✅ Co-Founder 501c3 OFM supports the “One” (One person, One organization, or One idea) that can positively impact the “Many” in their community. _______________________________________ ❗️Coach ❗️Speaker ❗️Author ❗️Podcaster ❗️Profit First Professional ❗️Master Cert in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) ❗️2nd degree Reiki ❗️Coach in Evercoach by Mindvalley ❗️Worked at Pixar and ILM ❗️Director and Producer - worked at TRW, and Northrop Grumman ___________________________________________ ✳️CLUBHOUSE CONVOS 🎧 7pm PST Thursday’s Near Death Experiences: Lessons, shares and questions | Near Death Collective Club 🎧7pm PST Friday’s One Percenters Only Club _______________________________________ 🌐 👉🏻 download FREE mindset tool 🌐 Get out of DEBT and start making PROFIT now. 👉🏻 Profit Mastery ™️ 🌐 @wakeupwithmonikapodcast 👉🏻 Wake Up with Monika Podcast 👉🏻 Looking for podcast guests for 👉🏻 Serving podcasts as guest expert 🌐 👉🏻 First ever Women’s Day Summit 👉🏻 Speaker - Moderator ___________________________________________ ✳️ SPEAKER TOPICS 🎤 Waking Up After Near Death 🎤 Spiritual Psychology 🎤 Relationship 911 🎤 Business/Startups 🎤 Online Course Creation 🎤 Make Profit First 🎤 Network Marketing 🎤 Leadership ___________________________________________ 📲📳 Contact me for: 📌Moderator inquiries 📌Coaching 📌Consulting 📌JVS 📌Collabs 📌Brand partnerships ___________________________________________ 📍Los Angeles 💰 Venmo @Monika-Zands 🤳 Text me here 619-738-3391