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Monica Keenon




Shalom, shalom. Spiritual manifestation birthed out of pressing times. In 1993/94, I was broke, homeless, temporarily staying with someone who wanted me out, and engaged in great spiritual warfare. Yet, I was joyously serving the Lord. There is immense value in The Potter’s Wheel. Early one morning, I was awakened out of sleep by The Lord saying, “I have called you to be a Prophet & a Teacher”. Mashach: The Father began to pour oil on my forehead. The oil flowed from His Presence. I felt it flowing down, that in arising touched my forehead to find nothing tangible. I shared this with one of our Pastors & he confirmed my call. Spiritual growth and development under Apostolic grace. I was shaped into maturity via Kingdom scriptural teaching, intercession, worship. In 2016, I was affirmed a Prophet, having served as an Elder & Prophet since 1997. I am a lifelong learner of Him. The Torah is imperative. Christ (The Word) is the Way to the Father. Prayer& Intercession is the intimacy & power flow of the Ruach Qodesh. Hearing is to obey. Submission is Worship.The purposes of the Most High will prevail! I am on CH to connect to my spiritual TRIBE, to be edified, and to edify within my metron. Everyone has a voice of significance, but not everyone will hear every voice. There are those assigned to my voice. “Sound the Alarm!” to Come into HaMashiach (Ark)!!! In Christ is safety, protection, and deliverance from the works of gross darkness. In Him, we live (daily). In Him we move (mobility, activation, do). In Him we have our being ( existence/ life).