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Moderator ✳️ on the first ever International Women’s Day Summit right here on Clubhouse. 💥Confidently helping you master the ability to overcome self doubt 💥 ⚡️Give yourself permission to be wildly successful⚡️ 🔥Show up to the world, good enough exactly as you are, imperfectly wonderful, sometimes a mess, sometimes brilliant, but always 💯 authentic🔥 🌟Confidence & Transformational Coach 💫Certified Law of attraction Coach 🌺GiRLife Facilitator I am partnered with the ⭐️InsideOut Institute⭐️founded by CEO Todd Cahill and CHO Emanuel Zevallos, two powerhouse leaders and practitioners that developed this leadership mastermind. Certified IOI coaches and EC practitioners work on the conscious and subconscious in tandem to take their clients to their full potential and remove blocks that hold them back. Clients have the full support from loving, aligned individuals in complete alignment with their gifts and passions. If you’re a coach or energy healer looking for a program that feeds you clients while having someone else take care of the marketing and business end of coaching, ask me about joining the InsideOut Institute 📖Have a book inside you? We can take you from pencil to published in 3 months in IOI⭐️ 💫I’m open to moderating with you💫 💃 Love to dance 👟Obsessed with iFit 📚audiobooks 🇺🇸daughter of a soldier 💛army mom 🐶 love animals 🌸wife and mom of seven amazing kids 🌼former foster parent 🌹Studied as a medical massage practitioner 🌺former Master Trainer for HOT HULA fitness 🌻Harnessing my ADHD🧠strengths💪 If you’re looking for healing and coaching in your life, check out our monthly membership! Check out our free event this weekend “Driven to Succeed with wealth and health” to hear from two powerful speakers. DM me on IG for a link to get a free ☀️Emotion Code ☀️healing session to release those blocks to create massive shifts in your life! Did I provide value? DM me and let’s make connections She/Her IG @mollytanuvasa