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“Ancora Imparo” (Yet I am learning) Michelangelo GovCity 🚀 Gov, Ocean, Edu Ventures 🌱 #MindfulDisruptor 🙏🏻 Host of Deviant Dinner 🍽 Board Ocean Summit ( 🌊 🏦 Fortune 100 to 🚀 former ED of #7 Accelerator to 🚨 DHS Tech Scout/Ventures to ✈️ Air Force Futures to 🇺🇸 GovCity and Strategic Connections 🔥 For 20 years, I’ve embedded as a practitioner w/ an ever evolving methodology for influencing change in and around large, bureaucratic organizations. The crucial components in any design of an organization’s future strategy, are heartbeats that ultimately have to cross the chasm. Designing systems that better serve the people who need them to work in order to trust change, means also understanding which systems are failing them. It means maintaining a polite irreverence to cultural norms that are woven into the DNA of status quo. I believe in networks of evolving and diverse experiential learners and collaborators who lead change in every industry imaginable. I launched GovCity to help me and other disruptors meet and collaborate, plus maintain a safe distance from norms in collaborative and trusted network that understands this hard work. It’s about leaning into the work and all of you with the ability to keep a cross-industry lens on. I nomadically network and keep this as my norm on behalf of my clients and myself. I also consider this a personal principle, to teach other Disruptors their capability to influence important change, while not losing themselves to the loneliness of strategic neutrality. Becoming a #mindfuldisruptor has 10x the value I bring and joy I have in doing so. I blend nearly 20 years of comms, entrepreneurship, executive strategy and mindfulness in learning and networking. I live at the intersection of OODA loop disruption and the measurement of what matters. Stuff I’d tell you in an elevator pitch: ⚡️ Founder of Govcity® a Fast Company “World Changing Idea” ⚡️ I’ve blogged my fails since 2011 to 13M readers ⚡️ Venture Design @ ⚡️ Co-builder of BVI Tech Centre ⚡️ Host of #DeviantDinner ⚡️ #MindfulDisruptor Method ⚡️ Imperfect meditator Current Brain Plate: 🔥 stoicism / mindfulness / meditation 🔥 gatherings of tomorrow 🔥 ocean + climate + 30x30 🔥 preparedness for future workforce Molly <at> Substack: