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Step into the world of words ✨Freelance Content Writer ✨Linkedin Profile Optimizer ✨Proofreader and Editor ✨Psychology Enthusiast ~LinkedIn: Moksha Sharma(she/her) 13K+ followers ~Mail: [email protected] ~Blog: mymusingexpress (Musings by Moksha) Mail or DM to book a 1:1 consultation call or review your profile My newsletter: As a 22-year-old 'girl' I do have my own voice. Yes, I wrote that in quotes because in a population of some billion, many still won't accept me as a part of the society. I know that we have come a long way and we are modern enough with respect to certain aspects but I feel this acceptance is very convenient and biased. My creativeness brings an addition to the table that no-one else's does. I can pen down my flowing thoughts onto whites with a pace that goes unbeatable. Definitely your go-to person for everything that you need written down in the most beautiful way, I can make you fall in love with my writing. I am all about finding the right mindset and being aware of your inner self so as to be attentive and growing while making mistakes. Making the hobby of writing as something to carry forward as a professional career took a lot of time and determination but once that was passed, I strive each day to make my content relatable and easy-going. Reading and understanding people's minds is what intrigues me which is why so much of my stance and writings are inclinded towards societal issues and other motivational content. Services I offer: 🌟 LinkedIn Branding/consultation 🌟 Blog writing 🌟 Social media content 🌟 Newsletters 🌟 Proofreading and Editing 🌻 Something outside the professional boundary: I am an old-school romantic fool, the one who imagines herself in a music video everytime it rains 👀🤭 Any POTTERHEADS out here, let's connect! 🛑Disclaimer🛑 I operate in phases What I mean by that? Well, I am super intellectual one time of the day, really weird and goofy the other I am really high on vibes and energy sometime and really dull and almost working on zero battery the other I am really talkative sometimes and extremely quiet the other Am I weird or is this normal 👀🤔 Open for conversations and discussions regarding 💎Mental health 💎 Writing 💎 Linkedin 💎 Psychology 💎 Social stigmas 💎 Networking 💎 Personal branding 💎 Freelancing 📱INSTAGRAM: _nonsanesillypie__ (can't tag below because my weird mind forgot the password)